About Us

WithCasinoBonus is a group of seasoned veterans with years of experience in online gambling. We’ve been writing comprehensive casino reviews and other practical guides since 2018. You’re at one of our newest projects focused on the Canadian gambling market and the best licensed casinos operating within it.

Our main goal is to thoroughly analyse licensed casinos in Canada. Among other things, we explore their bonus offers, test their user interface, customer support and mobile apps, and examine their supported payment methods.

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How We Create Content

What makes our website stand out from the others? It’s simple ‒ you won’t ever see surface-level knowledge from unknown or unofficial sources in our reviews. Here at WithCasinoBonus, we thoroughly research casinos and properly structure our workload to provide you with concise, useful, and easy-to-read content. Down to our reviewing process, we always start with identifying licensed casinos in Canada and end with properly structuring the review & showcasing you the finished product. To research the best casinos, we:

Find Licensed Casinos in Canada

The first move is locating safe and worthy casinos in Canada. That’s right, we focus on Canadian licensed casinos because they not only offer a far superior gambling experience than their unlicensed counterparts, but secure your solid gambling trial. After finding new brands to explore, we jump straight to the second step.

Explore the Casino’s Bonuses

In 2023, bonuses are among the most important decision-making factors for players who are looking for a casino to register at. That’s why we always take our time and analyse bonus offers. Online casino bonuses in Canada are rather generous. Anyway, sometimes they hide extremely short time limits or ridiculously high wagering requirements. No worries, we’re here to shed light on all that.

Apply Our Strict How-to-Rate System

A big part of how we review online casinos and their bonuses comes down to our rating system. It takes into account all the key characteristics users seek from online casinos and compares them to our research and testing. You can learn more about the process on the dedicated page.

Structure & Publish Our Research at WithCasinoBonus

The last step of our evaluation business is structuring the collected data and explaining it in a way that’s both interesting and informative. This isn’t something we do in a day or two. The final move is as time-consuming as doing the research. It’s the reason why we value your feedback and comments this much.

How We Care About Our Audience

We’re here to deliver in-depth information on all kinds of bonuses and promotions, slots, live dealer games, and online casinos in general. We’re also sensible about the responsible gambling topic. We understand all the dangers it possesses and withholds. That’s why we emphasise the importance of gambling responsibly and advise our readers to seek professional help as soon as they start noticing they’re dealing with problematic gambling.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Canadian gamblers with up-to-date information on licensed casinos and their bonuses, available games, supported payment methods, and more. Our team is a squad of experienced writers and gambling industry experts. We go out of all the ways to provide far more detailed information than our competitors.

We’re sure that the Canadian iGaming market has plenty of room to grow. That means we’ll continue working at the same pace and keep providing you with relevant info 24/7/365!

Our Experience

As mentioned earlier, we started our online gambling journey back in 2018. Since then, we’ve worked with numerous brands across several markets. Lately, though, we’re mainly focused on our newest project about the Canadian gambling industry.

Even though our website is still relatively fresh, the people behind it have 20 years of experience in the industry altogether. If you’re looking for research-driven facts and analysis by industry experts, you’re at the right place!

We’re Happy to Improve Our Content

We claim to be better than our competitors because we actually listen to your feedback. We trust our polished review process, but if you disagree with our points or have a comment to leave, the WithCasinoBonus team is open to all your suggestions.

If you feel like we could do better, feel free and welcomed to contact us. The Contact Us button is in the left corner of the footer.


  • For how many years have you been reviewing online casinos in Canada?

    We have several years of experience with online gambling platforms across the globe. The list includes numerous licensed casinos for Canadian users, most of which we’ve already researched and created reviews for. While the WithCasinoBonus website is relatively new, it’s a massive project that’s already packed with high-quality gambling content.

  • Where can I find more info about your site?

    Our site is featured on a plethora of reputable websites. More precisely, some of our guides and reviews are cited by the likes of CoinJournal, The Jerusalem Post, Coin Codex, Global Gaming, and more. You can find more information about them in the footer.

  • Why should I trust your reviews?

    Our reviews don’t just cover surface-level knowledge like most other review sites do. We take our time with comprehensive research and several testing stages before writing each casino tutorial. We have a dedicated page that shows all the process behind our reviews, so if you’re not sure about us, check it out!