Matt Devlin

My name is Matt Devlin, and I was born in Vancouver in 1983. My love for the written word started at a young age, eventually leading me to pursue an education in the field, graduating with a Master of Journalism from the University of British Columbia in 2009.

After graduating, I started working in a few journals covering topics such as world news, music and entertainment. After a few years (five, to be precise), I landed a job in a gambling affiliate company, where I wrote about gambling sites. My job consisted of making reviews and rating them. I also worked with customers, wrote educational articles, and how-tos on popular games.

It’s at this company that I discovered my passion for iGaming, which turned me into an enthusiast poker player and online and offline gambler. I also have a keen eye on the gambling industry as a whole and its evolution, avidly learning about new trends and analyzing their impact.

Matt Devlin



Master of Journalism from the University of British Columbia


Expert Casino Reviewer, Leading Author of WithCasinoBonus

Personal Info: Avid Poker Player & Journalist

I also play in tournaments from time to time and have a great deal of knowledge about the poker industry as a whole. I always carry decks of cards on my travels and enjoy some poker sessions with anyone interested.

But not everything in my life revolves around the gambling. I’m also a dedicated journalist for other topics and love hiking. I often travel across Canada on hiking trips with friends, where I also sometimes enjoy some mobile gambling whenever the weather’s not favourable, and connectivity isn’t an issue.

Why Did I Start Working on This Project?

While working at the gambling affiliate company, I discovered a couple of things. To start, I liked online casinos and the experience they provided to players. I witnessed the evolution from old-school-style online casinos to modern mobile apps and understood there’s a lot of ground to cover.

After gaining enough expertise, I noticed that there were several outlets offering information about online casinos, but they generally weren’t good. Many were full of meaningless, inaccurate info that offered next to no value for players. Others were little more than excuses to peddle whatever casino brought the most income, regardless of its quality.

This is why I work hard to offer the best and most interesting research for Canadian players.

What is My Experience

I guess it’s only fair that I should offer proper credentials for the task! Because of my experience as both a journalist and iGaming enthusiast, I’m in a particularly good situation to develop a project like this one. But let’s delve into the details.

I’ve been an online casino user since 2003. I usually roamed the virtual halls of Luxury Casino and Casino Classic back then. There weren’t a lot of choices, but these casinos offered a good deal of games, and I found them fair and entertaining.

After finishing my degree, I covered different topics for several journals. However, by 2011 there was a marked increase in gambling topics to cover. I quickly became a professional reviewer of casino sites and games, which allowed me to later join the affiliate company.

Because of this, I not only played at all of the legal Canadian casinos, but have also reviewed all of them. There are more than 50 currently, and the number keeps growing. In total, I have reviewed more than 300 casino sites, if I include platforms from abroad.

I also have a huge blog with more than 600 articles on casino games and the business side of online gambling, which has been resourceful for many. Because I’m passionate about the gambling industry, I have also dutifully attended all major iGaming conferences since 2016.

My Recommendations to Readers

Gaining some foothold in the online gambling world is a matter of consciously trying out new platforms, discovering little tricks and gaining experience. Here are my top recommendations for newcomers:

Always Follow Responsible Gambling Advice

You should never bet more than you can afford when you engage in gambling activities. Always consider an initial budget and stick to it. Don’t forget that the main goal of gambling is having fun, and it shouldn’t be treated as an activity to make money.

Play Only at Licensed Online Casinos in Canada

Playing on licensed casinos means these platforms have obtained a license from a regulatory body, making them safe. These organisations check that online Canadian casino sites comply with safety and fairness requirements.

Carefully Read Bonus Terms

Bonuses can be exciting, but there can be issues with them, such as not-so-great wagering requirements, restrictions in terms of games you can use them with, and more. Always read the conditions about online casino bonus offers before getting them.


  • Where can you read Matt’s articles?

    The first source is right here! I have written almost all of the articles on this website, which is why you’ll only find quality information which I can vouch for. I sometimes write about specific questions or topics on Quora, Reddit and other resources, but you won’t find more comprehensive info from me anywhere else.

  • Why is Matt’s favourite slot?

    My personal favourite is Mega Moolah. Not only is this slot very entertaining, it has also earned its place in history and the Guinness World Record as having the largest jackpot payout ever of more than $22 million back in 2015. That’s not all; a lucky Canadian won over CAD 20 million in 2019. Too bad it wasn’t me!

  • Where can I read Matt’s tips for professional players?

    If you have some experience under your belt, you might want to consider reading my blog where I have written more advanced articles suitable for seasoned players and professionals. However, new players can also benefit from them.