50x Wagering Requirements: A Complete Guide

50x wager requirements explanation
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Casino bonuses are a great way to raise your chances of improving the win balance. Even though some of these offers are very lucrative, they aren’t as straightforward as they sound. Each bonus is conditioned by a wagering requirement and other terms that must be satisfied to a T.

The wagering requirement signifies the number of times the full bonus has to be wagered through before the player gets a chance to withdraw the winnings. The wagering requirements vary in size — they can be anything from 1x to 200x. The average playthrough requirements usually range between 35x and 50x. Keep reading for more insight into what you need to do to complete the 50x requirements.

50x Wager: A General Explanation

The wagering requirement, also referred to as a rollover or a playthrough requirement, can seem complicated, especially to inexperienced players, but are an integral part of all casino welcome promotions. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept then you should read on to find out more.

Promotions and bonuses are offers that you can claim and use to play casino games. These offers are awarded as free spins or bonus money and can be used on a certain number of games designated by the casino. However, giving out free money without any conditions would be detrimental to the casino’s profits. The bonus money can’t be transferred to a real-money balance and withdrawn to a money account until the player meets the wagering requirements.

Alongside the wagering requirement, bonuses have another important condition — the stake. A stake is the amount of money a player can wager per single bet, which ultimately contributes to decreasing the wagering terms. Online casinos and sometimes even game providers, impose limits on the maximum stake. The maximum limit ensures that users playing with bonuses can’t place large wagers, thus completing the rollover more quickly.

How the 50x Wagering Bonuses Work

Once you’ve become familiar with the bonus terms, you need to gain a thorough understanding of the 50x rollover requirements. The most important thing you need to do is learn what is bonus wagering requirements and how it works. The wager rate is the number by which the bonus amount needs to be multiplied to get the total sum that needs to be wagered in order to complete the requirement. That is why the playthrough requirement is expressed as a number with a multiplication sign next to it, hence, 50x.

The best way to understand how the requirement works in practice is to look at an example. Let’s take an example of a casino that offers a bonus worth C$10 that’s subject to a 50x requirement. To calculate the exact amount that needs to be wagered in this case, we multiply 10 (the bonus amount) by 50 (the wagering requirement) to get 500, meaning the total wagering amount is C$500. Other things may contribute to the total wagering amount, such as the game’s contribution towards the requirement. If the game contribution is 100%, then 100% of the wagered money will go toward decreasing the playthrough.

Wager Req. Deposit Amount Bonus Match Gate RTP Game Contribution Wager Amount Possible Win
40x 100 100% 96 100% 5000 65

50x Wagering Terms Unveiled

Online casinos have to clearly state the wagering requirements. The requirements are always shown in the casino T&C policy. Alongside the playthrough requirement, the casino terms also include game weighting, time limits, as well as limits on bonus winnings.

When you’re looking through the Terms & Conditions on a casino website, don’t be confused by the term ‘game weighting’. This signifies a specific game’s contribution to the requirement. Different games have different contributions, expressed as percentage values. The higher the game contribution, the less money you need to wager.

The other two bonus requirements you should know about are the bonus caps and the time limit. Essentially, the bonus caps are limits that determine the maximum amount that can be won with an active bonus, while the time limits show how long the bonus is valid i.e. how long you have to meet the rollover conditions.

50x Wager: Avoiding Common Mistakes

When bonus participants are trying to play through the betting requirements, they often forget that time works against them. Unfortunately, this is a recurring mistake. As we mentioned, bonuses have validity periods. Players often forget to take notice of these time limits, or simply forget about them completely. The consequence is failing to play through the bonus and meeting the requirements in the assigned time frame. When this happens, the bonus becomes void and you will lose all the winnings you have acquired to that point.

Another common mistake is overlooking the Return to Player (RTP) rate, which shows how much the game theoretically pays out in the long run. Yet another mistake is requesting cash out earlier than allowed, which effectively voids all active bonuses and bonus winnings.

Benefits of Understanding 50x Wagering

The 50x wagering requirements are based on a simple concept — that of multiplication. Once you understand this, it becomes a lot easier to calculate the requirements. After you get the gist of it, it will also be easier to learn about all the additional terms that go hand-in-hand with the betting requirements.

Understanding all of these terms will avert any unintended mistakes when playing through the bonus. Getting bonus money is a great way to keep playing at the casino, or cash out the funds and use the extra money for something special.

50x Wagering Requirements: FAQ

  • What does a 50x wagering requirement mean?

    The 50x wager indicates that the bonus has to be wagered 50 times before a player gets a hold of their winnings. It’s important to remember that to get a correct calculation, the full bonus amount has to be multiplied by 50 — this will show the exact amount of money that has to be wagered to complete the requirement.

  • Can I withdraw my winnings before meeting the 50x wagering requirement?

    No. You cannot request a withdrawal before the 50x requirement is complete without forfeiting their winnings. Before the requirement is complete, the bonus money can’t be transferred to the withdrawal balance and won’t appear in the casino’s Cashier section. It’s also not possible to use the bonus to play games other than the ones selected by the casino.

  • How do I keep track of 50x wagering progress?

    Keeping track of where you are in the process of wagering your bonus can be confusing. That’s why online casinos have a dedicated section in the user’s account that shows the current status of the wagering process. In this section, you can see how close you are to completing the requirement and sometimes even see when the offer expires.

  • Are 50x wagering requirements common in the online casino industry?

    The 50x wagering requirement is quite common in bonus offers. It is not the lowest requirement you can find — there are bonuses with 20x and 30x wagering requirements. However, it’s quite lower than some offers with 100x or 200x requirements, so casinos often decide to set the requirement at 50x — somewhere in the middle.