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canadian online casino reviews

Our casino reviews team is here to update you with all latest gambling trends and new brands helping you find the best site! We guarantee that our online casino reviews in Canada are fair with no bias; we recommend casinos only after playing there, so you can trust our real experience.

Our Canadian casino reviews are some of the most in-depth and detailed you’ll find online. Written by our team of expert gamblers, they’ve been crafted by people who know their jackpots from their blackjack and their croupiers from their craps. Most importantly, each one of our reviews is written from first-hand experience by gamblers who have played and gambled at the casino. Here you can check our best casino reviews in May 2024:

  • LeoVegas Casino
  • Spin Casino
  • Whildz Casino
  • JackpotCity Casino
  • Yukon Gold Casino

Our List of Casino Reviews for CA Players

What We Check in Our Online Casino Reviews

We’re always finding new places for Canadian players to gamble and whenever we do, we send our team to check them out. Every time our team writes reviews of online casinos, they use a carefully-crafted list of criteria to work with. Over the years of gambling, we’ve identified that these are some of the most important factors for making a great casino experience. So we prioritise them when reviewing each new gaming site.

Online Casino Reputability

While there are many online casinos in Canada, you should only play at ones with a strong reputation. Having a track record of being trustworthy, treating players fairly, and paying them whenever they request a withdrawal are good signs that you’ll be in safe hands if you sign up.

Casino Bonuses

Practically every gambling site in Canada offers a range of promotions for new and existing players, so there is no reason to join one that doesn’t have these deals. We only list casino sites with bonuses available for Canadians in all provinces. Not only that, but we examine them closely, weeding out the ones with unfair terms or that aren’t attractive.

Selection of Games

There’s little point in joining an online casino if it doesn’t carry the games that you enjoy. Thankfully, most casinos offer a selection of hundreds or even thousands of different options but we also like to make sure that you’ll find a mix of the best games like Microgaming slots, live dealer options, and table games.

Supported Banking Options

To be able to gamble on real money, you need to make a deposit. If you win, you’ll also need to make a withdrawal. To do that, use the best payment method for your needs first. We pay close attention to these banking options to see whether the casino is giving its players the choice we know is important to Canadian gamblers.

Deposit Requirements and Other Bonus Terms

It’s important to look beyond the headlines when comparing bonuses. Some casinos like to draw players in with giant numbers but then make it nearly impossible to withdraw any bonus winnings. Instead, it’s often better to find low min. deposit casinos in Canada that offer more favourable terms like lower minimum deposits and reduced wagering requirements.

Casino RTP Rate

We all want to win when we gamble, but it’s not possible to guarantee that. It is, however, possible to choose to play at casinos with top payout rate that, on average, return more cash to players over the long term. We compare the return-to-player (RTP) rates of each casino to see what you can expect to find when you gamble there.

Payout Speed & Overall Procedure

In addition to finding casinos with the best payout rate, the site’s overall banking experience matters. When you land a slot jackpot or win big at the roulette wheel, you don’t want to be jumping through hoops like a show dog. We test out the casino’s withdrawal procedure and payout time to make sure you can find easy and fast-paying casinos.

Casino Design

The design and navigability of a casino are often overlooked, but they matter a lot. If a gambling site uses garish colours or if its menus make it hard to find the games you want to play, then you won’t have a good experience. So we take time to look for casinos that are easy to use and pleasant looking.

Mobile App or Compatibility to Devices

From our own experience of playing casino games and by engaging with the massive community of gamblers in Canada, we know that the freedom to play on any device is important. So we also look for sites with Canadian casino mobile apps and examine the quality of the experience that they offer.

What Games We Check When Reviewing Casinos

The games that you can play at online casinos make up a big portion of the overall experience. After all, this is where you will spend most of your time while interacting with the casino’s website and app. Therefore, when producing Canadian casino reviews, we take the time to try out the different titles that the site has to offer. It’s not just the number of games that matters, online casinos score highly if they offer most or all of these options.


All the casinos we review can also be categorised as slots sites because they all offer slot games. Bright colours, easy-to-understand mechanics, and brilliant bonus features that come from spinning the reels of these titles make them a player favourite.


Eyes down, it’s time for online bingo. This popular game has been a hit among Canadians for decades and now enjoys a new lease of life at online casinos. Most sites offer it, but casinos rank higher for having more bingo games.


Baccarat is a popular card game that is played against the house. Like bingo, most casinos offer it, but only the best carry a wide variety of variants so you can mix up your gaming sessions.


Poker is another popular card game but its focus is on making particular combinations rather than a combined number. You’ll find poker in almost every casino, but the greatest gambling sites have dozens of different games for you to try.


Roulette is a wheel-based game that is available at practically every casino in Canada. It’s up in three main versions (European, French, and American) but there are many variants on each of these and top casinos have dozens to choose from.

Reasons to Choose WithCasinoBonus Casino Reviews

We can prove that our online casino reviews for Canadian players are the best on the internet. For us, how we review each gambling site is important because we know you will rely on this information to decide which one to join. We’re transparent about the approach we take because this gives you the confidence to trust how we arrived at our conclusions about each casino. Below, you’ll find some of the key things that make our reviews stand out.

We Contact Casino Support Teams

Most casino players enjoy a smooth and enjoyable experience but it’s nice to know that there’s someone available to help if things don’t go to plan. Therefore, we make sure to contact the casino’s support team to check their responsiveness and ensure that they can actually resolve issues. The quality of a gambling site’s customer service is a good indicator of its quality.

We Actually Try Out Each Casino

Many review sites just look at a casino’s website. We actually sign up, deposit real money, claim a bonus, gamble, and withdraw from every single casino we talk about. This first-hand experience allows us to talk with authority, provide you with accurate information, and ensure you can find a casino that’s safe, fun, and rewarding.

We Always Update Our Casino Reviews

Casinos change, they update their bonuses, add new games, and even alter their terms. Therefore, the moment a review is published it begins to decay. While some people write a review and never look at it again, we continually refresh and refine ours. This ensures you can be confident about our reviews, no matter when you read them.

We Help To Resolve Players’ Issues

We love being part of the Canadian online casino community and we want to make sure everyone else feels that way. That’s why we take pride in our reviews, we’re confident they’ll help you find a casino you’ll love. But if things don’t go to plan, we’re happy to help you communicate with the casino to get your issues resolved.

We Blacklist Unreliable Casinos

If we find a casino that can’t be trusted or one that we previously featured on our site begins to offer a poor experience, we will blacklist them. We’re only interested in recommending reliable and reputable online casinos that take care of their players and we’ll remove any that don’t live up to these standards.

Online Casino Reviews In Canada: Questions & Answers

  • How to read casino reviews?

    Reading casino reviews can seem a little daunting at first as there is a lot of information packed into a single webpage. However, we break ours up into key sections and include both a summary and conclusion to help you quickly pull out the most critical points to make your decision.

  • Where to find all casino reviews?

    We have in-depth reviews of practically every trusted online casino available for Canadian players. Our list at the top of this page contains all of the sites that we have reviewed, including the most important points and a link to the full review.

  • Are those reviewed casinos legit?

    Yes, we only include reviews for legitimate and legal casinos. If we find ones that are not trustworthy, it will not be included on our website. Similarly, if we discover that one has become unreliable, it will be immediately removed from our list.

  • How many new casinos are reviewed by WithCasinoBonus per month?

    The exact number of casinos that we review depends on how many new licensed casinos launch that month. Lately, we’ve been very busy because so many new gambling sites have been opening up to serve Canadian players and we’ve been working hard to review each one.