How We Review Online Casinos In Canada

WithCasinoBonus challenges a million and one casinos out there to find the best bonuses and most lucrative casino experience. We’re tirelessly uploading some of the most in-depth reviews of casinos in Canada to help you discover the perfect gambling site for you. It’s important to be open and transparent about how we review each one so you know you can trust our verdicts.

In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how our reviewing system works, including our criteria for bonuses, what we look for in casino games, and what we check when examining payment methods.

how we review
how we review casino legitimacy

How We Review Casino Legitimacy

The first step in having a great online casino experience is choosing a legal and legitimate site to gamble at. Of all the steps of how we review Canadian casinos, nothing is as important as its licence, security arrangements, and terms & conditions. Therefore, assessing the legitimacy of a casino is the first thing we do whenever we find a new site. For you, this means that every site we link to is safe and reliable.


Casinos must be licensed properly. We will never recommend one that isn’t. Why? Because unlicensed casinos are usually operating outside of the law, they offer very few player protections, and no regulatory body can help if things go wrong. There are so many licensed casinos available for Canadians that you don’t have to consider an unlicensed site.

Site Security

Next, we check the casino’s security arrangements. While we may not be elite computer hackers able to perform penetration testing, we do know the telltale signs to look out for that show whether a casino is taking steps to protect its players. This includes an SSL certificate, strong password policies, two-factor security, and encryption.

Casino’s Terms & Conditions

The casino’s T&Cs are the rules that you both agree to follow. Some gambling sites out there sneak in unreasonable requirements that make it difficult to withdraw bonus winnings or that limit how much you can receive if you land a big win. We weed out these sites so you play at fair ones only.
how we review casino bonuses

How We Review Casino Bonus System

With so many different gambling sites offering similar games to their players, bonus deals and offers are one of the few ways casinos can stand out in Canada. In our experience, some are better than others, so there are several comprehensively tested ways we review casino bonuses for Canadian players to help us see which ones are worth your time.

Active Welcome Bonus Deals

The most common bonuses are online casino welcome offers. Brands offer these to new players exclusively for motivating them to sign up to their site. Welcome deals can run into the thousands of dollars, giving your bankroll a big boost. We look for the best but different bonuses since some players prefer free spins and others want bonus funds to use on table games.

Available Promotions for Regulars

When you’ve used up your welcome bonus, it’s nice to get extra promotions that you can use as a regular casino player. Not all gambling sites offer these, but ones we feature usually do. We are always searching for casinos that reward loyal players, so they’re always included in our reviews.

Bonus Requirements

All casino bonuses come with strict terms. Just like the general T&Cs, they’re there to protect you and the casino and ensure everyone is clear about what the rules are. The main requirements are minimum deposit online casino thresholds, wagering requirements, and win limits. We look for each one and will exclude a casino if it has unfair or unreasonable terms.

Games Available for Your Bonus Funds

Another common restriction is what games you can play with a bonus. A casino will usually have a list of titles that are excluded from bonus wagering requirements. Free spins are also limited to a single game. We examine these and include key points in our reviews so you know the full details.
how we review payment methods

How We Review Banking Options

Real money online gambling requires you to make a deposit to the casino using one of the many different banking options that it accepts. Similarly, withdrawing winnings involves one of these financial services. Not all casinos use the same methods, though, so let’s recognise how we rate casino payment options. It’ll help you to instantly identify which methods and casinos are a good fit for you.

Acceptable Currencies

Depending on where you are in Canada, you can find casinos that accept a range of currencies. While many allow you to deposit, wager, and withdraw in good old Loonies, some restrict you to others like the US dollar, Euro, and British pound. This isn’t the end of the world, since currency conversion is easy, but it’s important to know.

Available Payment Options For Deposit/Withdrawal

We know that casino players want choice when it comes to banking options, so we pay close attention to the different payment methods that a casino accepts. We rate sites higher if they offer a variety, including credit cards, e-wallets, crypto, and mobile payments. In each review, we list them, so you can find a site that fits your needs.

Average Payout Time

We’ve never met a player that doesn’t like casino sites with quick payout times! We all want fast access to our winnings, even the savviest experts in our team. Therefore, whenever we review a casino, we request a withdrawal to see how long it takes for the site to review, approve, and process our payout.
how we review mobile usability

How We Review Casino Compatibility & Usability

If an online casino is inconvenient, it will seriously degrade the experience you have while you play. This includes whether there’s an app or website compatible with your device, no matter whether it’s a computer, an iPhone, an iPad, or an Android smartphone. It also extends to the layout and navigability of the casino. Therefore, the way we rate casino sites includes an examination of their compatibility and usability.

Complete View on Casino Design

While the old saying "don’t judge a book by its cover" is true in most circumstances, we naturally prefer websites that are objectively good-looking. This extends to casinos too, so we rank sites higher if they have a pleasant layout and a pleasing colour scheme. Of course, there is some personal preference here, but we’re as objective as possible.

Compatibility With Mobile Devices

Most casino players like to gamble on the go, at least some of the time, so we ensure each site we feature has a mobile option. This may be through a dedicated app or simply a mobile-friendly website, but it needs to allow players the freedom to choose what device they wager from.

Site Usability

An online casino’s layout should be intuitive. With hundreds, or even thousands, of different slots, live, and table games to choose from, navigation is vital if you want to have a chance of finding your favourites. Things we look for are good search functionality, the ability to filter games by characteristics, easy-to-navigate menus, an accessible help section, and clear banking functions.
how we review casino games

What We Check in Slot & Other Games Sections

The casino’s games collection can make or break your experience! Therefore, our way of reviewing casino games is extra detailed, covering the quantity, quality, and variety of options. The best gambling sites are ones that offer enough options for every type of player to have a smorgasbord of titles that take their fancy, rather than a collection of just a few categories.

Total Collection of Games

One of the key steps to achieving variety is by simply having a lot of games. Nearly every casino has hundreds of different titles, while some have over one or two thousand options for their players to choose from. Within this, variety is key, so we look beyond the number to examine the breadth of options too.

Choice of Casino Providers

Casinos don’t generally make their own games. Instead, they get them from licensed third-party gaming providers. This means each site can offer a huge selection of popular options, including names like Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest. More providers mean more variety, so we favour sites that offer choice in this regard.

Live Dealer Games

Live casino games have come into their own in recent years and become incredibly popular. We understand just how many players want to enjoy live dealer options, so we look specifically for the live games section and review both the quantity and quality of the different choices that are on offer.
why to trust our reviews

Why Trust Casino Reviews from Our Team

There are a lot of websites offering casino reviews across the internet, so why should you trust ours over these other options? Well, for a whole host of reasons. We are casino experts with decades of gambling experience behind us, giving us a clear understanding of what players want from a site. Here are some of the other reasons why you can trust how we review operators of casinos.

Expert Level of The Team

We are casino veterans, old-timers, grandmasters, etc. Our team is made of people with years of online casino-playing experience. That gives us, we believe, unique and extensive insight into what you want from a gambling site. Only because we’ve been there before, no magic included.

Licensed Casinos Only

Unlike many other Canadian review sites, we only feature licensed casinos. This is one of the best ways of spotting unreliable sites since these are the ones that don’t have a licence from a reputable regulator.

Hundreds of Successful Reviews

We’ve reviewed most online casinos on the planet that’s available for Canadian players so far. Our ultimate goal is to review each existing one. This means that we have hundreds of reviews in our repertoire for you to explore, giving you a very good chance of finding one you love.

Industry Leading Standards

We lead the way when it comes to casino reviews. We rise above the mediocre reviews you can find elsewhere to offer the most in-depth and detailed examinations of gambling sites in the whole of Canada.

Clear Understanding of What Players Want

As gambling experts with decades of wagering behind us, we know what players want from a casino better than us. We aren’t just reviewers, we are, first and foremost, gamblers, so we know exactly what you want to see in a casino.

Online Casino Reviews in Canada: Questions & Answers

  • What do we do with unreliable casinos?

    If we find a casino to be unreliable when we review or it becomes unreliable later on, we place it on our blacklist. These are gambling sites that we strongly suggest you steer clear of because they don’t meet our requirements.

  • How can I know that your reviews are legit?

    We are experts with decades of gambling behind us, so we know our poker from our pai gow. Using this experience, we produce reviews that are reliable, knowledgeable, and useful. In each one, we are honest, stating both the pros and cons of every casino having personally tried it out.

  • Why don’t we review unlicensed casino sites?

    We will never feature or recommend an unlicensed casino on our website. We do not believe that any players should be using such gambling sites because they are generally unfair and unsafe thanks to a lack of regulatory oversight.

  • What should I do if I found a mistake in your reviews?

    We write each review by hand after playing at the casino personally. However, since we’re human, we may sometimes make mistakes in our reviews. If you notice one, whether it be a simple typo or an inaccuracy, contact us and let us know. We’ll be eternally grateful and we might give you a special thanks!