Low Wagering Casino Bonus Offers

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low wagering casino bonus offers

Casinos have a minimum wagering or playthrough requirement. It essentially stands for the number of times you must wager or stake your deposit and any bonus before the winnings can be transferred to your cash balance for withdrawal. The majority of the low wagering casino bonus offers have a requirement of 0x to 10x. Anything above that is considered moderate and anything above 45x is typically high. You will find all types of online casino bonuses out there – and today, we’re going to take a look at the low wagering ones.

We have done the research across the whole length and breadth of Canadian casinos to select the finest options for you. All of these casinos with low wagering bonuses are reliable and secure, as our testing of these platforms is always thorough. If you’re on the hunt for a low wagering bonus, let’s get started!

List of Low Wagering Casino Bonuses in Canada

Best Low Wagering Casino Bonuses

Now that we’re done with the final list, we will be providing you with a detailed summary of each of the platforms. We additionally have in-depth reviews of all casino platforms mentioned here, so if you wish to check out the key features, pros, cons, and so on, you can read those. For now, treat these as mini-reviews that will help you determine which platform out of these best casinos with low wagering requirements you should go with:

We covered everything from casinos that offer an upfront perk with a small wagering requirement to those that offer a low wagering on the bonus funds as well as one that’s a no-wagering-requirement cashback casino. Here are even more options that we came across while researching casinos with low wagering bonuses across the realm of generous Canadian casinos.

How We Rate Casinos with Low Wagering Bonuses

What were our ranking criteria? First of all, we do thorough testing by signing up, using the platform, depositing the amount, playing, and withdrawing. It gives us a complete overview of the casino. We also test customer support, user experience, security, mobile optimization, and more. For our review of low wagering requirements casino bonuses, we went above and beyond. Specifically, here’s what we focused on:

Checking Casinos for Rollover Requirements

Before anything else, the casino needs to have a low wagering requirement to be selected for this list. That bit goes without saying, of course. So, we review all the casino sites in Canada that are worth their salt and check the wagering requirements for their bonuses. If it’s low, it passes the test and we move on to the next steps.

Reviewing Wagering Requirements Ratio

Typically, it’s not very hard to find low wagering promotions, but the ratio is quite important, and not all of these deals have a good risk-to-reward ratio. We play the games ourselves, test the overall platform, check how seamless the whole experience is, and then recommend a particular casino to be a part of our list. The most important consideration is the wagering requirement itself. Some casinos try to pull a fast one and apply the wagering requirement to only a handful of games, which we check for. We recommend you learn more about wagering requirements in detail before being sold to any offer that looks lucrative.

Sorting Free Spins & Deposit Match Low Wagering Offers

We always make a clear distinction between the wagering requirement for the deposit match bonus and the free spin bonuses. You might be after a low wagering requirement deposit bonus or you might prioritize free spins low wagering bonuses on the highest-quality slot games. Well, we have you covered. Our guide covers the exact details about which type of low wagering bonus it is so you can make a more informed decision.

Looking Into Deposit Requirements

Next, we check the minimum deposit requirements (and the payment methods – what are their limits). This is important because you don’t want to be stuck with a casino that has a high minimum deposit requirement. In our book, casinos with low deposit promotions generally don’t offer excellent low wagering bonuses. We do the hard work of finding the few that do so you don’t have to.

Overviewing Terms for Low Wager Bonuses

The terms and conditions are extremely important. Though we suggest you go through them on your own, you can rely 100% on our recommendations. We have gone through the general terms and the promotional terms of a large number of these casinos and have already weeded out those that look shady or greedy. For example, we check for the allowed games, any hidden requirements for withdrawing your winnings, which categories only count a little toward the wagering requirements, and so on.

Testing Payout Rate on Low Wagering Games

It’s easy to extend a lucrative low-wagering deal to players if the game you’re tying the free spins is trash. Every slot game has an RTP or return-to-player ratio. This is how much is returned to the player. As casinos need to make money, it’s always lower than 100%. The higher it is the better your chances, in a nutshell. We only finalize the top payout online casinos that link their offers to high-paying games. For example, the ArcaneBet deal has Book of Dead, a slot game with an RTP of 96.21% and the chance to trigger additional free spins.

Pros & Cons of Low Wagering Bonuses

Indeed, these low wagering bonus offers are excellent for getting started. But it’s not all sunny. There are some caveats and disadvantages as well. So, before you make up your mind about a particular casino with low wagering bonus, we suggest you pay close attention to the pros and cons provided below. Who knows, maybe you’ll dodge a bullet if you ever find a low wagering deal out there in the wild.

Strong Sides of Low Wagering Bonuses

First, we’ll tackle the advantages. Every low playthrough casino bonuses rate deal comes with its own terms & conditions, but there are some similarities shared among all of these offers, particularly the ones we’ve reviewed. Here are their good qualities:

Don’t Require Big Deposits

None of the good casinos offering low wagering bonuses require you to make a hearty deposit. More often than not, these operators launch these deals to onboard more players. As such, it would be quite counterproductive if there was a barrier here. All these deals can be started with no deposit at all (the first three options in our ranking) or a very low minimum deposit (the last two options).

Low Wagering Deals Available on the First Deposit

As you’ll realise if you pay close attention, the majority of these deals are part of what we call first deposit casino offers aka offers that trigger on your first deposit. As such, you don’t have to wait around and play a lot before the casino decides to bless you with a low-wagering deal. This is important because it allows you to test multiple casinos much quickly to find the best option for your preferences.

Bonus Terms Are Easily Achievable

The terms are kept to a minimum. At least, that’s the case with the best of the platforms – which we have found for you in our guide today. When you use any of these low-wagering offers, you will be more likely to win with a small minimum, such as a 5x or a 10x requirement, compared to wagering with 200x, for example. Plus, these platforms also tend to be casinos with fast withdrawal requirements, meaning you can get your payout ASAP.

Weak Sides of Casinos with Low Wagering Offers

As we said, there are some caveats and potential drawbacks of these offers, by design. You should be well aware of all this because a point from here can be a potential dealbreaker. Here are the potential disadvantages of casino sites with small wagering bonus offers that you should know:

Low Wagering Progressive Free Spins are Unavailable

They give you the power to start spinning without much hassle but they can’t give you too much power. More specifically, no respectable and legitimate casino can offer low-wagering free spins on games linked to a progressive jackpot. That’s just not good for business, you see. We are yet to find a single casino that can afford this. And we’ve reviewed hundreds of casino sites over the years.

Low Wagering No Deposit Offers are Extremely Rare

One of the reasons why you might want to go with a low wagering requirement deal is if you’re just trying out a casino. And a no-deposit offer helps a lot here. Sadly, though you may be able to find a lot of no-deposit casino offers, it’s hard to find the combination of low wagering no deposit free spins bonuses anywhere. The two options we have provided (Ice Casino and Vulkan Vegas Casino) are the only two options in Canada right now. There are a few more, but those are mostly exclusive offers.

Granted Bonus Amount is Smaller

Lastly, another problem with these low wagering bonuses is that the bonus amount you get is typically small. Like only a few free spins or a small match bonus percentage. What’s more, the maximum winning is also capped at around CA$15-25 for most. So, although meeting the wagering requirements for these bonuses is extremely easy, there is not much to win from them.

Benefits of Low Wagering Casinos Over No Wager

Let’s talk about a major distinction in low wagering vs. no wagering. You will find both types of options out there. Our list also has both (the cashback on Vegas Lounge doesn’t require any wagering). There are some benefits of low wagering bonuses over no wagering ones. Whereas no wagering casino bonuses tend to look very attractive, they might not be the better option among the two after all. Below, we’ll dissect all the advantages of low wagering bonuses over no wagering bonuses so you can choose better.

Low Wager Casino Bonuses Offer Better Deals

We found that generally, the casino bonuses with a low wagering requirement were better deals than the offers of no wagering bonuses. How, exactly? You get free spins or 50-100% match bonuses and not just cashback, the platform is also better, and the welcome package (should you choose to continue on the platform) is also superior 9/10 times. This seems to be a general trend and a major win for low wagering bonuses.

Low Wagering Bonuses Are Easier to Find

A lot of casinos offer low wagering bonuses. Even outside our review, it’s easy for you to come across a low wagering bonus offer on some random Canadian casino. That’s not the case with no wagering casino offers. When you carefully look at all casino deals offering wagering below 10x, you will quickly realise that the vast majority of these options are low wagering deals and only a handful, if any, are no wagering ones.

Low Wagering Deals Usually Don’t Have Hidden Terms

We also found that typically, casinos offering a low wagering bonus have more transparent terms and conditions. Most of the no wagering requirement deals were part of a casino that wasn’t 100% generous toward the players. For example, you could only play a certain game or there was some other hidden information. That being said, note that Vegas Lounge, one of our options, is pretty spotless and has a clean track record. The cashback is calculated on your cash losses across the casino.

Things to Check Before Claiming Low Wagering Bonus Deals

You’re not completely out of the woods yet. There are several things that you should know about before you claim any of these bonuses. We have put together a list of four items for you below, and we highly recommend that you learn all about the bonus on your end as well. Here are the most important considerations before you claim a low wagering or no wagering bonus deal:

Minimum & Maximum Bet Amount

Be mindful of the minimum and maximum bet amounts! For the most part, the casino doesn’t set any minimum bet amount and it depends on the game in question itself. But there is always a maximum bet size. If you go over the maximum bet size while the bonus is in play, you run the risk of forfeiting all your winnings! This can be anywhere from CA$5-10. Check the terms to get the exact value for a particular casino.

Allowed Games & Sections

Always read which games and categories are eligible to be played to use the bonus or meet its wagering requirements. Casinos that tie their bonus to a single game are a no-brainer. But the deals offering a wagering requirement on the whole welcome package are another thing. Dig deeper and you will find a table or breakdown of how much each game provider, game category, or specific game title contributes toward meeting the wagering requirement, if at all. This differs from casino to casino.

Bonus Validity Period

Free spins usually expire in 5-10 days whereas match bonuses typically expire in 30 days. That’s the norm in Canadian online casinos. Always check the exact expiry of your bonus before you sign up and plan ahead. If you don’t use all the spins within the specified time period, for example, all of it would’ve been a waste and you can’t claim the bonus a second time as it’s only open to new players, requiring phone or email verification.

Withdrawal Requirements

Last but not least, check if there are any special withdrawal requirements. Usually, there are none but sometimes, casinos can limit which payment options are available on cashing out your winnings from a low wagering bonus. There is also an upper cap to how much you can win (anything above which will be forfeited automatically). You should also check that while you’re at it.

Low Wagering Casino Promotions: Questions & Answers

  • What is the average playthrough rate for low wagering bonuses?

    The industry average for what’s considered a “low” wagering requirement in online casinos is 10x. Up until 20, it’s still low by some definitions. Anything from 20 to 45-50 is considered moderate. Over 50, it’s high. The highest wagering bonuses are typically found on free spins tied to a progressive jackpot game (usually 200x).

  • What is the best low wagering casino bonus?

    We have two winners for you – Ice Casino for an amazing overall experience and free cash without any deposit, and CasinoVibes for a comprehensive 150% match bonus alongside the free spins with a low minimum wagering requirement of 20x. You can have your pick!

  • Is it possible to find a low wagering no deposit bonus?

    Yes. There are casinos that offer a no-deposit bonus that’s coupled with a low wagering requirement. In fact, the first two options in our ranking on this page are for these exact deals! Ice Casino and Vulkan Vegas are both well-known gambling brands operated by Brivio Limited, a Cyprus-based operator. Whereas Ice Casino gives you CA$10 on sign-up without requiring any deposit, Vulkan Vegas gives you 50 free spins on NetEnt’s popular game Dead or Alive 2.