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The Ontario market is no longer shorthanded. There are lots of legal casino websites licensed by the AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario). Obviously, not all of them offer the same exact payout processes. Some are fast; some are a bit on the slow end. Generally speaking, fast payout Ontario casinos are those that process withdrawal requests instantly. Still, that doesn’t make payouts instant – they still have to be processed.

We know for a fact many online casinos deliberately take extra time to authorise payout requests. Needless to say, this drastically extends withdrawal speeds. As a result, these brands will not be featured on this page. As the title suggests, we’re only interested in instant withdrawal casinos in Ontario. More precisely, we’re only going to feature licensed Ontario online casinos with fast payouts. So, let’s check out the best specimens!

List of Ontario Casinos with Fastest Payout

Vital Things at Fast Payout Online Casinos in Ontario

Besides payout speed and payout request authorization, what are the other vital things that make for good Ontario casinos with fast payout processing? Well, Ontario-licensed casinos all share a few common traits. When it comes to the fastest brands out there, these traits are typically related to the supported payment method, instant withdrawal support for certain brands, and know-your-customer (KYC) verification processes. More details on the vital things that make fast payout online casinos can be found right below:

Average Payout Speed

The average payout speed, in the vast majority of cases, depends more on the banking method than the casino’s internal processing speed. Typically, casinos’ internal processing takes several hours. If it’s your first withdrawal, it might take slightly longer. Still, most of the waiting time almost always comes down to the actual processing. In our experience, e-wallets tend to be the fastest payment methods for Canadian users.

Available Payment Methods for Instant Withdrawal

According to our tests, instant withdrawal in Ontario only works on the casino side of things. In fact, most AGCO-licensed casinos have instant withdrawal processing. But, it still takes a while for the funds to arrive in your desired account/e-wallet. The longest you might have to wait for the funds to arrive is five business days (if using bank transfer), even if the casino processes the request instantly.

Minimum Payout Amount

The minimum payout amount is exactly as it sounds – the minimum amount you must have in your account to be able to submit a withdrawal request. The minimum payout amount on online casinos in Ontario ranges between CAD$10 and CAD$20. That’s what our most recent reviews and tests show. Some go above $20, but we’re talking about a minuscule minority here.

Maximum Payout per Month

We always recommend you read the fine print before registering at an online casino. That’s because the fine print (AKA the Terms and Conditions page) often hides all the nasty details in plain sight. One such detail is the maximum payout per month. We haven’t noticed massive limitations on AGCO-licensed brands. But, if you’re a high-roller, this sort of information is a must-have before registering.

Payout Requirements

One of the reasons why the AGCO licence is so well-respected lies in its stance towards the KYC (Know Your Customer) processes. AGCO strictly regulates all licensees, requiring them to demand additional verification from customers right away. Additionally, players can find payout limitations and other responsible gambling tools set in place to combat problematic gambling.

How We Rate Fast Payout Ontario Casino Sites

Our rating process for fast payout casinos with AGCO licence slightly differs from what we usually do. Of course, we take into account the overall reputation and user experience of each gambling platform. But, for this page specifically, we had to pay even more attention to topically relevant characteristics like average payout times, instant payout authorization, and minimum payout amounts. For a closer look at the key rating criteria we used for this page, take a look at the following sections:

Check Available Withdrawal Methods and Average Payout Time

When writing reviews for online casinos in Ontario, checking the available payment methods is one of our first tasks. For this page, specifically, we checked out the available methods on all operators and their respective payout times. Unfortunately, PayPal casinos in Ontario aren’t that common so we were unable to gauge just how fast PayPal withdrawals are. More information on this is available down below.

Check Max Cap Winnings for Instant Payout

Another thing we always do is check the maximum withdrawal caps/limits of every single casino we review. Believe it or not, many of them have withdrawal caps, be it weekly or monthly. On the bright side, they’re pretty lenient. Let’s take FireVegas Ontario as the perfect example – weekly withdrawals are capped at $10,000, which shouldn’t be an issue for most folks.

Check RTP for Popular Games

Some of these brands aren’t just the fastest but also the best payout casinos in Ontario as well. That’s thanks to their RTP (return to player) rates. These rates represent the average RTP value of all featured online slots and casino games. According to our tests, most Ontario-licenced casinos are somewhere around the 96% RTP mark.

Check Minimum Payout Sum

Another pivotal factor for this page is the minimum payout sum requirement. These requirements are in place to prevent the flooding of casinos’ internal withdrawal systems. As you’ll soon find out, each withdrawal request has to be verified before being processed. Having the most common minimum payout requirement, $10 or $20, drastically reduces the number of total payout requests and alleviates the stress on internal systems.

Check Minimum Deposit at Fast Payout Casino

Minimum deposit requirements, on the other hand, are all over the place. Most online casinos for Ontario residents require a tenner to get things up and running. However, we’re seeing more and more low deposit Ontario casinos featuring special offers of just CAD$1. If your budget is not that big, a buck is all it takes to start playing casino games at some casinos.

Tips to Boost Your Withdrawal Speed

When you search for instant withdrawal casinos in Ontario, you’re going to get a list of brands with instant payout processing. That still doesn’t mean the actual withdrawals will be instant every single time. With most payment methods, even modern ones, instant withdrawals are impossible to achieve.

Even though the withdrawal speed is based on your casino’s internal processing and the chosen banking method, you can still affect the overall speed. Certain aspects could drastically reduce the waiting times. Here’s a closer look at what we’re referring to:

Use the Same Payment Method if Possible

If you’ve deposited with a Visa debit card, it’s best to use the same card to withdraw. In fact, some casinos will require you to withdraw using the same payment method you’ve used to deposit money on the platform. You won’t be able to select any other options. This sort of info is available on the casino’s Terms and Conditions page so we warmly recommend you check it out before registering.

Provide All Documents for KYC if Required

The best way to shorten the waiting time is to ensure you’re KYC (know-your-customer) verified. However, everyone registered on an AGCO-licensed casino has to go through the KYC process right away. Yes, even before the first deposit. This process is a must-do on all AGCO-licensed online casinos.

Withdraw Small Amounts for Faster Payout

Some casinos process withdrawal requests for smaller sums much quicker than larger sums. So, if you’d like to get your payout under 1 hour, you’re better off requesting just a fraction of your total earnings. If you’d like to withdraw your entire bankroll but want to have some money available ASAP, we recommend requesting two withdrawals (if the casino allows it). One for cca $100 which should be processed quicker, and another one for the remaining sum.

Increase your VIP Status When Playing

Some Ontario-based casinos have robust VIP systems. These VIP systems are not much different from conventional loyalty systems. In other words, you rank up as you play. The more you play, the higher your VIP status/level will be. Why does that matter in terms of payout speed? Well, because some brands have priority payout processing for their VIP members.

Myths About Instant Payout Casinos in Ontario

There are several common myths and misconceptions about fast payout Ontario casinos out there. In Ontario, the situation isn’t much different. The regulator has a much stricter set of rules for online gambling than most other jurisdictions, which further complicates and slows down the transactions.

In the two following sections, we’ll go through the two biggest myths and help you understand the unbiased truth. Let’s roll!

Availability of Instant Payout in Casinos

As mentioned earlier, lots of brands are marketed as instant payout casinos. And while that’s true for their internal transaction processes, it still doesn’t mean the funds will immediately appear in your bank account or e-wallet. Another thing to consider is that you have to complete the KYC verification to get instant payout processing on the casino you’re using.

You Can Withdraw Every Day

While this is true for over 90% of casinos out there, some brands have a strict policy on the number of withdrawal requests a player can make. Typically, the number of withdrawal requests is limited on a per-week basis. Another factor is the presence of weekly/monthly withdrawal limits. But, that’s a massive topic that cannot be properly explained in just a few sentences.

Fastest Payout Ontario Casinos

What about the fastest payout casinos in Ontario? Yes,the main waiting time comes from the actual processing of the transaction. But, as we mentioned earlier, our research confirms that casinos’ internal processing speed plays a somewhat important role too. That said, let’s check out the best fast payout Ontario online casinos at the moment:

Casino Average Payout Feature
Jackpot City 0-2 Days Payout Under 1 Hour
LeoVegas 1-2 Days Fast Withdrawal Mobile App
PlayOJO 1-2 Days Fastest Payout in Ontario Overall
Wildz 1-2 Days Straightforward Payout Process
Casumo 1-2 Days Instant Payout to e-Wallets

Best Payment Methods for Fast Payout Procedure in Ontario

Typically, cryptocurrencies are the fastest method for fast payouts on online casinos. Unfortunately, AGCO-licensed casinos don’t support cryptocurrency payments. However, that’s not the end of the discussion. In our experience, instant withdrawal casino sites with Ontario licence process credit and debit cards immediately, so players typically get their funds within 48 hours of requesting the payout. In fact, that’s the fastest payout time you’ll get on Ontario casinos with instant withdrawal processing.

Payout Method Payout Speed Deposit Speed
Credit Cards 0-2 Days Under 1 Hour
Debit Cards 0-2 Days Under 1 Hour
Paypal 1-2 Days Instant
eCheck 1-2 Days Instant
Instadebit 2-3 Days Instant
Wire Transfer 2-5 Days Same Day
Bitcoin 24 Hours Under 1 Hour
Ethereum 24 Hours Under 1 Hour

Fast Payout Ontario Casinos: Answers on Questions

  • Can I instantly withdraw money from Ontario casinos?

    Online casinos continuously advertise instant payout processing. And while their ads are technically true (they do have instant payout processing), that doesn’t mean your funds will be available instantly. Especially when talking about the very first withdrawal which goes through additional checks.

  • What is the fastest payout Ontario casino?

    According to our research, Zodiac Casino is currently the best casino with the fastest average payout time. For players who’ve verified their identity via KYC, internal transaction processing is pretty much instant. All that’s left is to wait for the transaction to go through. That depends on the chosen payment method, more than anything else.

  • Is withdrawal under 1 hour possible at an Ontario online casino?

    Yes, it is. But, only in certain circumstances. For starters, you have to be fully KYC-verified. That’s the main prerequisite to eliminate the verification process and clear the way for instant withdrawal processing. Everything after that comes down to the payment method you’re using. If you’re using an e-wallet or a debit card, you might even get the funds within an hour.

  • What payment methods should I use for the fastest payout in Ontario?

    It all depends on what you have at your disposal. Mind you, cryptocurrencies typically aren’t available in Ontario so if you’re a crypto connoisseur, you’ll have to use something else. If speed is what you’re after, we recommend e-wallets like Skrill or good old credit/debit cards. Just make sure you’re fully KYC verified to avoid any unnecessary withdrawal delays.