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The world of online gambling is slowly (but surely) moving away from traditionality. We’re referring to the conventional way of gambling online, on desktop PCs. These days, an increasing number of gamblers want to bet on the fly, either on their laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Considering that, it’s no wonder Ontario casino apps are enjoying so much popularity these days. While mobile gambling in Ontario is still in its early days, our research suggests its popularity is through the roof. Why is that so?

All casino apps in Ontario on our list are polished to perfection for mobile use. Plus, the vast majority of Ontario casino sites have either dedicated smartphone apps or polished in-browser mobile gambling experience. Let’s talk about that!

List of Ontario Mobile Casinos with Own Applications

Best Mobile Casino Apps in Ontario

The mentioned brands all provide a solid mobile gambling experience. However, some of them have proper Ontario casino apps, while others are more polished for use on laptops and tablets. There are no specific rules as to what you can and cannot use. But, smartphone enthusiasts always flock to brands with dedicated apps, even though some of them are nothing more than simple HTML wrappers. That said, here’s a quick comparison of the most notable Ontario casino apps so you know what you’re up against!

Casino Android App iOS App Browser Optimization Ontario Licence
LeoVegas Ontario Yes Yes Yes OPIG1337312
888Casino Yes Yes Yes OPIG1225636
BetMGM Yes Yes Yes OPIG1230032
FanDuel Yes Yes Yes OPIG1234013
Royal Panda No No Yes OPIG1337313

Why Ontario Providers Create Mobile Apps Instead of Browser Optimization

The biggest reason why Ontario mobile casino apps exist is because they’re in demand. In other words, it’s easier for casinos to attract and retain mobile gambling enthusiasts with a dedicated app than with a polished in-browser gambling experience.

On top of that, casino apps in Ontario typically have much better traffic optimisation, meaning less data usage which means a lot over longer periods. Furthermore, dedicated apps allow casinos and players a direct end-to-end connection which improves the overall security standards.

These days, new Ontario casinos all come with either a polished mobile gambling platform or dedicated app(s). They just can’t remain competitive in the Ontario market without these features. It’s as simple as that.

How We Rate Online Casino Apps for Ontario Players

Our rating system for the best casino apps in Ontario is pretty straightforward. Our primary concern was finding the most polished and well-optimised casino apps. But, other than that, we also explored the operators’ AGCO licence, deposit requirements, available payment methods, and more. So, if what you’re looking for is the most versatile and well-organised list of the best Ontario gambling apps, the aforementioned list ought to help you out. If you’d like to know more details on our ranking criteria, read the following sections.

Check Active Ontario Licence

Our readers’ safety and security are of pivotal importance. That’s why we always check all Ontario operators and their respective licensing. For Ontario residents, the only viable gambling licence is the one issued by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (commonly known as the AGCO). That said, all casino apps featured on this page are licensed by AGCO.

Check Availability and Quality of Mobile App

Once we’ve made sure the casino we’re testing holds the AGCO licence, it’s time to take a sneak peek at its mobile app(s). In this part of our ranking system, half of the casinos are written off because of poor mobile gambling support. Those that remain in the mix typically have an Android app, an iOS app, or a solid in-browser gambling experience.

Check Mobile Platforms Where App Available

The next part revolves around ensuring high-quality content is available on either of the two smartphone platforms. Usually, iOS casino apps are exclusively downloadable through the Apple Store. As for their Android counterparts, they have a more lenient stance towards third-party downloads. In other words, they can be downloaded either through the Google Play Store or manually via a link on the casino website.

Minimum Deposit Requirements

According to our research, most operators with quality mobile gambling experience fall in the category of low deposit Ontario casinos and apps. This basically means they allow players to deposit low amounts of money to start playing real money casino games. We’re talking $5 to $10 deposit requirements here, though some brands go as low as $1.

Casino Payout Percentage and Speed

The average casino payout percentage (commonly known as RTP) hovers around 96%. We always look for sites that are at or above the average. Another vital element of our ranking criteria is the speed on fast payout Ontario casino sites and apps. We aim to only include casinos known for instant withdrawal request processing. By doing so, we ensure our readers have access to some of the fastest payout times out there.

Check Support and Casino Terms

Last but not least, we have to say a thing or two about the customer support experience at AGCO-licensed casinos. Our ranking process doesn’t just revolve around checking individual customer support channels but checking their efficiency too. One last thing + we always closely examine the Terms and Conditions page to ensure there’s no shady fine print that could trick our readers.

How Players Can Play on Mobile Casinos in Ontario

When talking about the typical mobile experience on Ontario mobile casino apps, we can usually separate the mobile platforms into three distinctive categories. First, the in-browser mobile integration which is basically a fancy way of labelling a fully optimised mobile website. The other two categories are quite obvious – iOS and Android apps. More details are available in the next three sections.

In-Browser Mobile Integration

First things first, the in-browser mobile casino integration. This allows players to access and play casino games straight from their smartphone’s browser, without downloading any apps. In most cases, brands with in-browser mobile integration offer a smooth user experience. But, according to our tests, playing on dedicated apps is faster, more responsive, and uses much less data.

Android Mobile Casinos

Our tests have confirmed that Android mobile casinos in Ontario take up a vast majority of the mobile gambling market. Whether we’re talking about official Google Play Store apps or apps that require manual .apk sideload, the results are almost always identical. They offer nothing but smooth and responsive gameplay.

iOS Mobile Casinos

According to our research, most Ontario brands don’t have iOS casino apps for Ontario players in this day and age. Even brands that advertise a dedicated mobile app offer just an Android .apk version. iOS users are sentenced to the in-browser gambling experience.

Overview of Ontario Casino Apps

In this section of our comprehensive guide on Ontario casino apps, we’ll be discussing our key findings. Our research consisted of a series of tests on the best Ontario casino apps and their respective brands. We tested the apps as well as their in-browser gambling platforms and found several key benefits and downsides we’d like to point out. Don’t worry, we’ll discuss both sides of the medal!

Benefits of Ontario Mobile Casino Apps

The main benefits of Ontario-licensed mobile casinos are instant login, superior optimization to the in-browser, experience, and exclusive mobile games. The first two are to be expected from dedicated smartphone apps. The latter, however, isn’t that common. According to our research, only a handful of AGCO-licenced casinos offer exclusive mobile games. As for the main benefits of Ontario mobile casino apps, we’d like to emphasise the following:

  • Low Mobile Data Used
  • Device Optimization
  • Almost Instant Login
  • Mobile Exclusive Games

Drawbacks of Ontario Casino Apps

The benefits of downloading a mobile casino application with Ontario licence are pretty straightforward. They add a bunch of small quality-of-life improvements that make up for a much smoother mobile gambling experience. But, we’re all about objective reporting here, so it’s our duty to inform you about their respective drawbacks too. Here are the four key downsides to using Ontario casino apps:

  • Mobile Storage Usage
  • Battery Drain
  • Required Installation
  • Now All Banking Methods Available

Things to Know Before Downloading Ontario Mobile Casino Apps

Don’t download mobile casino applications in Ontario just yet. There are still several additional things worth discussing. Perhaps they’ll make you change your mind. But, perhaps they’ll convince you to register and download one of the apps right away.

What exactly are we referring to? Well, here are four key things you should know before downloading a mobile casino app:

Check Casino Apps Availability in App Store/Play Market

The best and safest way to download mobile casino apps in Ontario is through your smartphone’s dedicated app store. For Android users, that would be the Google Play Store. For our iOS brethren, it’s the App Store. Apps downloadable through these offer higher security standards and typically possess superior encryption.

Get Links Only from Official Website

If your casino doesn’t offer an app straight from the Google Play Store or the App Store, you’ll have to download and install it manually. If that’s the case, make sure you download the application file on the official AGCO-licensed casino website. Downloading it from any other place might result in malware and/or other security risks.

Check and Configure Application Permissions

In some cases, casino apps will (by default) ask for way more permissions than they really need. Luckily, you can check which permissions are enabled for the casino app you’ve downloaded. You can further configure the app’s permissions too, limiting its ability to access your contacts, read messages, and all that shady stuff.

Configure Screen Time or Other Usage Trackers for Responsible Gambling

If you’re a beginner, we warmly advise you to explore responsible gambling practices. This will introduce you to the potential problems and even addiction that could develop with excessive gambling. Luckily, AGCO-licensed casino apps have an assortment of features to help players configure their screen time and set trackers and limits on their accounts.

Devices on Which You Can Use Ontario Casino Apps

Device support of Ontario mobile casino apps is pretty solid across the board. Obviously, these apps support smartphone devices, mainly those working on Android and iOS operating systems. The same goes for tablets too, with the addition of Windows tablets which work like a charm on the vast majority of casino platforms. As for desktop PCs, no matter which operating system you’re using (Windows, Mac, Linux), everything should work perfectly.


Tablets aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Even though they aren’t the most convenient devices for use on the daily commute, they still provide a straightforward on-the-fly gambling experience. It’s all thanks to AGCO-licenced brands whose platforms don’t just support smartphones but tablets as well. It doesn’t matter whether or not there’s a dedicated app – according to our research, lots of gamblers enjoy playing on their tablets.


Let’s face it – most on-the-fly gamblers use their smartphones to access their casino accounts and play their favourite games. According to the current trends around the globe, mobile gambling on smartphones is by far the most convenient gambling method.

We always have our smartphones on us and all we need is a somewhat stable internet connection to get things up and running. Luckily, most Ontario-based casinos have recognised the trends and provide seamless support for gambling on smartphones.

Best Mobile Casinos with Ontario Licence by Type

As you may have figured out by now, there are several types of mobile casinos licenced by AGCO. Ontario residents can choose between in-browser mobile casinos, dedicated Android, and dedicated iOS apps. In our experience, all three types of Ontario mobile casinos are worth checking out.

Just because a casino operator doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app doesn’t necessarily mean it offers a poor mobile gambling experience. In other words, in-browser Ontario-licensed mobile casinos are worth checking out!

Best In Mobile Casino
Mobile Browser Casino Jackpot City Ontario
Android Casino App Casumo Casino Ontario
iOS Casino App Spin Casino Ontario
Newest Ontario Casino App PlayOJO Ontario

Ontario Mobile Casino Apps: FAQ

  • Are there any Ontario casino apps available?

    Yes, there are. In fact, there are more than a few solid mobile casinos for Ontario residents. A good portion of them come in the form of actual casino apps. But, a handful offer equally good user experience via mobile browsers.

  • What is the best Ontario mobile casino app?

    According to our tests, the likes of Casumo Casino Ontario and Spin Casino Ontario currently have the best mobile gambling experience. But, PlayOJO and Jackpot City aren’t too far behind them either. We’re talking about a well-balanced mixture of apps and in-browser casinos. If you’re looking for the best on-the-fly casino brands, look no further than these ones.

  • Do all Ontario mobile casinos have applications?

    No, they don’t. Just a few casinos have actual well-built Android and/or iOS apps for mobile gambling. But, they’re not the only ones offering mobile gambling. Other brands invest a lot of money into polishing in-browser mobile casinos. If done correctly, they can provide just as entertaining user experience as mobile casino apps.

  • Do Ontario casino apps require an Internet connection?

    Yes, of course, they do. Without an internet connection, you wouldn’t even be able to log into your account. Mobile casino apps require a constant internet connection. If you don’t have a stable connection, your mobile gambling experience is bound to suffer.