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At (hereafter, the “Site”), we are dedicated to protecting and valuing our users’ privacy, ensuring you are kept safe while using the platform. This Privacy Policy states how we collect, store, use, and protect your information while using the Site.

Please read the following Privacy Policy to understand what information is collected when you browse the Site. It also contains detailed information about cookies and the security technologies used to keep data stored safely.

By visiting and browsing the Site, you are agreeing that you have read and understood the Privacy Policy and the terms of service. If you do not consent to the terms, please exit this page and do not use the Site.

We are committed to being transparent and responsible regarding how we collect and use your private information. In case of questions, complaints, and feedback on our Privacy Policy or terms of service, please reach out to us according to the procedure in Section 11.

What Information Do We Collect

The information collected by the Site is used to improve the user experience, allowing you to see more content relevant to your interests and preferences. To achieve this, we collect data regarding cookies, mobile service providers, and interactions with the Site.

Information About Cookies

We rely on cookies and other trackers to collect details on the user settings, behaviour, and interactions with the Site. You can obtain more information about our cookies by visiting the Cookie Policy in Section 5.

User Interactions

We collect information regarding how you use the Site, including pages visited, mouse movements, and clicking activity. The data provided is used to help us improve the Site’s design based on user behaviour and tailor content to their preferences.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are clickable messages that we use to provide users with the latest news, events, and promotions while browsing the Site. These communications are optional and can be turned off at any given time by visiting the device/browser settings. Push notifications cannot be associated with your personal information.

Google Analytics Information

We rely on Google Analytics to obtain insights about how users navigate the Site. The service is used to track the number of site visits, which pages were viewed, and the time spent viewing each page.

Google Analytics also allows us to collect information about the URLs clicked to visit the Site and any redirections. We may use Google Analytics third-party data to obtain details about our users’ interests, age, and gender.

Users can opt-out from Google Analytics by visiting Google Ads Settings or installing the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Addon. This allows users to prevent data from being gathered through the service, although the information on the Site may be less relevant.

Web Analytics Information

We use web analytics software to collect information about the devices used to visit the Site, such as the operating systems, Internet service providers, browsers, IP addresses, and language settings. We can also view the device’s local time and when the Site was accessed.

Mobile Service Providers

By visiting the Site on a mobile device, you are agreeing that we may collect details about your mobile service provider. The data gathered can include the device’s model, settings, Internet service providers, and operating system version.

The data collected when visiting the Site can vary according to your Internet browser settings. To remain as transparent as possible, we will not collect information on browsers that support “Do Not Track” signals.

How We Use the Information

The data collected while you browse the Site is used to improve your experience. We analyse the user preferences to develop a unique, user-focused approach and improve the quality of our service. Here is how we may use the details collected:

Personalising Our Content

We gather data about your behaviour, allowing us to understand what content is more relevant to your interests. We do this by identifying certain trends, such as which pages are visited when browsing the Site.

Improving Products and Services

Evaluating how users navigate the Site and which features are used the most allows us to improve our services and develop new products suited to their needs. We also use this information to improve the Site’s navigation, resulting in a more intuitive experience.

Creating Push Notifications

Push notifications are used to send you details about new promotions, updates, or features. The notifications are only sent to users who have not opted out and do not contain any data that compromises your details, allowing them to remain private.

Optimising the Site

We gather details about the devices used to visit the Site, including the operating system, browser, and Internet service provider. We do this to optimise the Site and improve its performance, ensuring compatibility with new devices and operating systems.

Enhancing the User Experience

We track how you interact with the Site, including which pages were clicked, scrolling activity, and mouse positioning. This is used to predict your interests, enabling us to optimise content to your preferences.

How We Share the Information

We provide you with a safe and transparent platform, ensuring your details are kept private, and also explain how the information is gathered. We do not share your information with third parties, unless it falls under one of the following circumstances:

Explicit Consent

Your information may be shared with third parties if we have your explicit consent. Personal data shared with third parties is no longer subject to this Privacy Policy, falling under the third party’s Privacy Policy.

Corporate Transaction

Your private information may be transferred to other companies in the case of a corporate transaction, such as a merger, sale, or consolidation. The exact circumstances apply if the Site is sold preceding or following bankruptcy.

Policy Enforcement

We may have to share your information to protect the company in the context of a legal accusation, exercising our rights, investigating illegal activity, and taking appropriate action.

Financial and Technical Motives

The data tracked on the Site may be disclosed to third parties for financial and technical evaluations, such as fraud detection, loss prevention, payment security, and other technical problems.

Legal Enforcement

We may be legally required to disclose your information to the relevant authorities, including governmental agencies and other regulators, in the event of a legal procedure, such as a warrant or court order.

Third-Party Protection

As required by law, we may have to disclose your personal data to prevent damaging the safety, rights, and property of the Site, its users, or the general public. This can also apply to third parties that may be under such harm.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are text files stored on your browser that allow us to distinguish users and gather data to understand their interests while browsing the Site. At casino, we collect cookies and trackers with the following intent:

Identifying Trends

We use cookies and services like Google Analytics to understand how you navigate and use the Site. This allows us to understand if the Site is being effective at targeting the right demographic group and how it can be improved.

User Behaviour

Cookies on the Site are used to verify how users interact with the Site’s pages, such as viewing which pages and links were clicked. This allows us to update and improve the Site based on the user behaviour.

Targeted Advertising

We may use cookies to provide you with ads targeted to your interests. These cookies are gathered so that advertisers can provide relevant content or adjust the number of times an ad is displayed.

User Experience

Tracking the user experience with cookies allows us to provide you with convenient features, such as remembering your language and location. This prevents you from having to adjust the settings every time you visit the Site.

You can decide if you would like to accept or decline cookies. Although cookies are on by default, most Internet browsers allow you to decline cookies. Please note disabling cookies may affect your experience on the Site.

Disabling or rejecting cookies can negatively affect the Site’s features and functionalities. You can learn more about how cookies work by visiting

Data Retention

Your information at the Site is kept for as long as it is required to be used for the purposes it was gathered for, including to meet any accounting, reporting, and legal obligations.

We evaluate how long the data should be retained by analyzing how extensive and sensitive the information gathered is. We also consider the required processing time and the potential risk in the event of unauthorized use.

In certain scenarios, private details may be anonymized, i.e. no longer associated with a specific user, for research purposes. Information subject to this procedure may be used indefinitely with no further notice.

The data gathered by the Site is deleted once the retention period ends. Users may not exercise the right to access, copy, erase, rectify, or transfer their information after the retention period expires.

Security Measures relies on security measures, protocols, and procedures to keep your private information safe and prevent it from being lost, manipulated, or accessed without authorization.

Employee Training

Our employees are thoroughly trained in data protection and privacy measures.

Limited Access

Your information is only accessible to employees and third parties that require your data to perform their duties. Your private details are processed according to our set of instructions and protected by a confidentiality agreement.

Data Encryption

All the data shared with the Site is secured through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, preventing it from being accessed by unauthorised parties.

Data Storage

Your personal information is treated with utmost confidentiality and stored securely on private servers.

Safety Audits

The Site’s safety protocols and measures are regularly audited to help us improve their security and efficiency.

Although we aim to ensure your data is always protected, we cannot guarantee the safety of information shared with the Site. Personal data is transmitted to the site at the user’s own risk. The information gathered will be subject to strict data protection policies and technologies to prevent unauthorised use.

User Rights and Control users can control how their information is collected, shared, and used with the Site. Here’s how you can limit which data is transmitted:

Third Party Opt-Out

You can disable advertising/retargeting cookies and trackers by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) and the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) opt-out pages.

Customer Support

You can contact the Site’s support for help or questions about your privacy settings and how your personal data is gathered, used, and stored.

Cookie Settings

Most Internet browsers allow users to turn off cookies or activate notifications whenever a cookie is set. You can adjust your cookies on the browser’s security settings. Please visit your browser’s support page for more information about cookies – Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.

Privacy Policy for Minors

We are committed to protecting the data of underage users. According to Canadian law, is not intended for people under the legal gambling age of 19, or 18 in Quebec, Manitoba, and Alberta.

We do not knowingly gather or request data from individuals under the legal gambling age or allow them to sign up for an account. If we discover we unknowingly collected data from anyone under the legal age or gambling, we will promptly delete all the information.

Reach out to our customer support team if you believe we gathered data on individuals under the legal age for gambling. We recommend parents and guardians oversee their children's online activity to guarantee they do not share their private data through the Site.

Changes & Updates: Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy can be changed and revised at any time, without prior notice. Significant changes made to the Privacy Policy may be notified through a message on the Site’s homepage. If appropriate, changes may also be notified via email.

We urge our users to regularly review our Privacy Policy. If you continue to use our services after the Privacy Policy has been updated, you are agreeing that you have read and understood the revised Privacy Policy.

Contacts Us

You can contact our customer service team to discuss any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the Site’s Privacy Policy or its updates. Support is available through several channels, including contact form and email.